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Dermatology, the next focus for tech startups

Tech Startups Gained Popularity

There has been a lot of emphasis on entrepreneurship in this day and age with many people believing that the way forward for the world is for its most brilliant minds to start and run businesses of their own. Rather than working for other businesses, people are now being encouraged to create innovative startups to deliver high quality solutions and services to the customers and clients all around the world.

The emergency of internet has obviously aided in this trend as the internet ensures that there are no physical or geographical boundaries to restrict a new startup. While starting a business might have been a difficult task in earlier days with the need to purchase a brick and wall office, one can now always setup a virtual office online and start the business from there on in.  Read More...

Dermatology Tests You Can Do Online

You have noticed a rash, or some pimples that won’t go away. You want to know your skin type so that you can settle in the appropriate skin care routine. You have just discovered that some parts of your skin have changed; you now have patches on the skin that are softer than the rest of the skin, some parts with dimpling or others with color change. You decided to go have your skin checked out. But you can’t just get an appointment with a dermatologist. Sometimes you aren’t even sure you need one!

If you are like most people who are too busy to schedule a doctor’s appointment over a few symptoms, or cannot simply find one, you quickly Google skin cancer facts website and can always have some online tests done. Online dermatological tests are now the new, easily accessible option to get a professional opinion. But what tests can you do online? Read More...


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