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Dermatology Tests You Can Do Online

You have noticed a rash, or some pimples that won’t go away. You want to know your skin type so that you can settle in the appropriate skin care routine. You have just discovered that some parts of your skin have changed; you now have patches on the skin that are softer than the rest of the skin, some parts with dimpling or others with color change. You decided to go have your skin checked out. But you can’t just get an appointment with a dermatologist. Sometimes you aren’t even sure you need one!

If you are like most people who are too busy to schedule a doctor’s appointment over a few symptoms, or cannot simply find one, you quickly Google skin cancer facts website and can always have some online tests done. Online dermatological tests are now the new, easily accessible option to get a professional opinion. But what tests can you do online?

How Online Dermatology Tests Work

While nothing can beat a face-to-face consultation on any skin condition, online tests are a simpler way of getting professional diagnosis, especially for people who are too busy to honor a doctor’s appointment. 

Online tests are simple: describe your symptoms as clearly as you can. If you notice a rash, make sure you explain how it looks, the size and shape and any other detail such as itching, dry and flaky or with oozing liquid etc. Submit these clear symptoms to your preferred dermatologist and you will get an answer on what maybe ailing you

Sometimes you may be asked a few questions to clarify the situation while other times you’ll be required to send photos of the affected areas for an accurate diagnosis. In most occasions, the charges of the online tests are not covered by health insurance.

Types of Dermatology Tests That Can Be Done Online

There is a range of dermatology tests that can be done online. We’ll look at the most common tests done online today.

  The Skin Type Test

Do you know your skin type? Well, this is the first step to a healthy skin; know your skin type and create an appropriate skin care routine. Once you know your skin type, you’ll be aware of how different elements such as sunlight affect you and how you can avert adverse effects on your skin. The most common online test is the Fitzpatrick Skin Type test where you simply answer a few questions and within a few seconds, you’ll know your skin type.

  Acne Tests

Acne is no longer a preserve of teenagers; a good number of people well into their adulthood still struggle with skin break outs. The break outs could be as a result of skin type, harsh skin care routine, allergens, diet, hormonal changes, or hygiene. If you experience break outs, simply take a photo of the affected area, and accompany the submission with additional information such as acne history, exposure to allergens and drug allergies. You’ll get a treatment plan and a skin care routine to treat and alleviate the discomfort of the condition as well as prevent future breakouts.

  Allergy Tests

The most common tests carried out to determine allergenic reactions are patch tests. If you suspect that your skin is reacting to a foreign substance, simply submit your symptoms online and a professional dermatologist will recommend the appropriate patch to wear, for how long and how to report back the results so as to get an accurate diagnosis and effective medication.

   Skin Infection Tests

The appearance of the skin maybe as a result of an infection; only the appearance and proper tests can ascertain the exact causes. For starters, there are many skin conditions that can be caused by bacterial, fungal, parasitic or viral infections. 

Bacterial Skin Infections

Scalding syndrome





Fungal Skin Infections

Tinea infections/ringworms

Candidiasis/yeast infection

Tinea Vesicolor

Viral Skin Infections

Molluscum contagiosum

Cold sores



Parasitic Skin Infections


Creeping eruption


Words of Caution

It essential to note that some skin conditions start as small, almost negligible issues but may be an indication of serious problems such as skin cancer. Therefore, as much as online testing is convenient, fast, and easy, it is important to schedule a face to face appointment with a dermatologist.

In most cases, when the online dermatologist notices something odd about the explanations given and the attached photos of the affected areas, he can recommend further tests such as biopsy, blood tests and cultures to ascertain the cause of the symptoms for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

You can always consult online sources of information on any skin problem. However, keep in mind that the websites and the information therein should never substitute professional medical tests and advice.


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