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Dermatology, the next focus for tech startups

Tech Startups Gained Popularity

There has been a lot of emphasis on entrepreneurship in this day and age with many people believing that the way forward for the world is for its most brilliant minds to start and run businesses of their own. Rather than working for other businesses, people are now being encouraged to create innovative startups to deliver high quality solutions and services to the customers and clients all around the world.

The emergency of internet has obviously aided in this trend as the internet ensures that there are no physical or geographical boundaries to restrict a new startup. While starting a business might have been a difficult task in earlier days with the need to purchase a brick and wall office, one can now always setup a virtual office online and start the business from there on in. 

Tech startups have been gaining a lot of popularity in recent times with a number of great startups proving their value. There have been a number of huge takeovers of hot technology startup by well-established companies and these takeovers point to the success of those tech startups. 

Dermatology and Tech Startups

A field which had been kind of neglected till now by people interested in tech startups was telemedicine. Telemedicine is the field which allows doctors to deliver medicinal help to their patients without letting the distance becomes a problem. 

One of the major problems with the field of dermatology is that the number of dermatologists is less and the patients needing dermatological help are very high. As a result, patients have to wait for as many as 30 to 60 days just to get an appointment with a high quality dermatologist. People who need immediate help then often just end up getting skin care from doctors who have specialized in the field.

Tech startups are known for first finding a problem that a large part of the community has and then for delivering a solution that ensures that the community benefits while the startup also benefits. Seeing that there is a gap between dermatologists and the patients and patients often can’t get in touch with dermatologists because there aren’t many in their area, a number of startups have been started which bring down the geographical boundaries. As a result, dermatologists based anywhere in the country or the world can take a look at any patient present anywhere in the world and as a result, patients can always find a dermatologist to look at their problem quickly. Therefore, dermatology startup using tech to speed up diagnoses times provides additional benefits to patients.

Famous Startups and how they Work?

There are a few startups which have been found great success by focusing on the field of dermatology. Iagnosis is one such example in the US while Reclaim Your Skin (Reclaimyourskin) is an example in the UK. The idea used by both the startups is basically the same. They don’t promise home visits or don’t promise a facility in which patients will have to come physically to a designated place so that they can be checked by a dermatologist. These startups actually work by keeping the patients at home, the dermatologists in the location where they work and just letting the dermatologist get in touch with the patient online. 

The process works like this:

First, the patient is asked to take a picture of the skin problem that he/she is worried about and that he/she wants to get an opinion about from the dermatologist.
Second, the patient is then asked to fill a form in order to evaluate whether the problem can actually be evaluated by looking at the picture alone or does it merit a personal visit. In case the problem is found to be complex and not feasible for an online consultation, the patient is recommended to get an appointment with a dermatologist. In case, the problem is found to be feasible for an online consultation from the information given in the form, the patient is brought in touch with a dermatologist from the pool of dermatologist that work with the startup.
Within a period of 1 to 3 days, the assigned dermatologist responds to the patient’s problem and charts a course of treatment. 
The patient is allowed online consultations with the dermatologist for a period of 30 days which is time enough for the problem to be resolved.

Dermatology Startup Success

To measure the success of these dermatology startups, one should take a look at insurance companies who are ready to back this venture. The fact that these apps are even covered by insurance, they are so confident in correct diagnoses. For instance, the decision of Highmark to insure their patients who take consultations from Iagnosis shows how the insurance company is confident that the diagnosis provided by dermatologists at Iagnosis would be correct. This also shows that commercial companies are open to these startups and these startups will become pioneers in the field as time goes on.

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  • Dermatology, the next focus for tech startups
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